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Management of the training and competency of personnel in GxP and research environments

This introductory booklet contains the core ideas underpinning the development and management of effective training, development and competency systems and programmes, however small or large. It discusses the drivers behind and principles of training, development and competency management. It also touches upon the various training methodologies and contains some useful tips for trainers. This first booklet will be followed by Part 2 which will focus on more advanced ideas and will be of interest to colleagues who would like to know not just the ‘what’, but also more of the ‘how’ and ‘why'of training-related matters.

This guidance has been developed with best practice in mind and it is intended that the reader considers the context of how this guide fits within their own individual organisational structure and needs. Those new to the concepts can use the ideas to shape their own understanding of the principles of training and competency management.

This guide aims to provide a solid overview of a wide topic in just a few pages. It comprises outlines of the principles and best practice, supported by tools such as example forms and templates that can be adapted for use within your own organisation. A glossary of terms used throughout the booklet has been included to aid common understanding of the terminology. Additionally, the booklet contains useful resources for further reading.


1 Introduction to training and competency management
2 Identifying organisational training and competency requirements
3 Roles and responsibilities in training and competency assessment
4 Developing training and competency programmes
5 Training toolbox
6 Training assessment and evaluation of training and competency programmes
Appendix 1 Main regulatory requirements/guidelines
Appendix 2 Trainers’ Toolbox
Appendix 3 Example templates


The Education and Training Committee of the Research Quality Association (RQA)

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